Hello there.

I'm a new and upcoming design student, eager to experience new roles and challenges in order to test my true potential. I like a challenge, something that gets the old motor running, I’m a minimalist, I like my designs the way I like my Coffee’s, short and sweet.

I love the idea behind creating something from just one simple idea in your head, that has potential endless limits. I'm currently in my second year of my Interaction Design course. Main interests include website design and entrepreneurship, aiming to primarily work within website design, front end development

I love the logic behind coding, the thought of knowing that everything I basically do on a daily basis is configured through numbers and letters, cool, right? And when I’m not struggling to understand code or sketch out new ideas, you’d usually find me at the gym, playing video games or trying to be like Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen.

Outgoing, confident and ability to work with others, this is due to my good customer service and communication skills from working as a part time delivery driver and Social Media Creative Manager. Capable of meeting deadlines, also personally trained close friends in terms of weight training and dieting. I like to socialise and explore the world around us.

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