Artificial Intelligence— InDesign brochure

Graphic Design
Creative Direction
Graphic Design Module

This was an assignment based upon how well we could create a brochure from scratch, with using InDesign, to writing our own essays, in my case, I decided to discuss how AI impacts designers and whether or not it was beneficial to our work flow and outcomes, spoiler, they are.

With every project ill always ask myself some simple questions, forgetting about the final outcome or very intricate details, because I can just pick them up as I go along, so id focus primarily on the key points, how will this impact the target audience? Who even are they? What do they hope to achieve with reading this brochure? Just quick little questions that I could get a grasp of at the start of the project so that way if I do come across any obstacles, I would be able to overcome them along the way.

User and Audience

The target audience consisted of bright minded individuals who had a keen eye for design and AI as a whole. I wanted to focus on what exactly the end result would be, I wanted to create a brochure that could relate with the target audience in a way that they can relate with the information provided. I wanted them to actually think about the work that goes on around them, the work that they’re personally consumed in, and why it even matters, there was personally a bigger picture to be seen behind the brochure itself, and that’s AI is already in our lives, and will forever be in our lives, because it helps us, to an extent.

Team and Role

The project was done by me and me only. Luckily for me I was skilled in the art of research, so that’s what I began doing, researching about AI, and quite frankly how exactly they impacted designers, I wanted to engage the reader while reading so that way they didn’t quickly become impatient. Since this was all digitalized, I used InDesign to help me with my troubles, getting the grips of the software that I had never used, like ever, and it was enjoyable, I’m always up for a challenge. This was basically all I used throughout the project.

Design Process

The design process was quite self-explanatory in my opinion, I started how I always start my projects, research and inspiration, finding the target audiences needs and wants, coming up with some ideas which could help them familiarize themselves with the brochure, and since I couldn’t draw robots to save my life, I decided to use the trusty old Google to help me import imagery onto the brochure to give it a bit of “life”. I then used my essay on AI and imported it into the document, brushed it up, hey presto, we have got ourselves a brochure with my name on it.


The outcome? Overall I was quite pleased, looking back on it I would have liked to add my own spin onto the brochure’s design, so using my own sketched imagery, keeping it quite minimalistic, something that isn’t too overpowering and the targeted audience could actually read without having a migraine or potential seizure with all the lovely different colours I decided to add.

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