BOOST — rebrand to
celebrate 15 years in
Northern Ireland

Graphic Design
Creative Direction

The idea behind this Project was to celebrate Boost cans being sold in Northern Ireland for 15 years, and they wanted to celebrate that with a new design.

The concept was simple, create a design that targeted the intended audience so that way more cans would be sold during that period. This was a project that anyone could do, so from the get go I knew there was competition, I began thinking, “How could I make a can so good that it’ll blow the socks off of someone”, not literally of course, but I knew I was going to face hurdles ahead, whether it was from the design aspect of things, maybe I couldn’t get the layout right, maybe it didn’t look as “pretty” as I might’ve wanted it to look.

These were the questions I asked myself before even starting the project. I set out an initial plan, what I would do, how I would do it and give myself deadlines each week to make sure I was on schedule with my work.

User and Audience

The intended target audience were primarily a younger generation, consisting of 16-24 year old's, people who needed that quick “boost” of energy before work or school because they had a rough night sleep, or they woke up on the wrong side of the bed, maybe they just really wanted to try the drink.

I wanted to put myself in their shoes, because theoretically these are the things I’d take into consideration myself since I am within that age range. So I researched, I categorized, I established connections, came up with different ideas, different means and ways of creating bonds with one another, I just wanted to get a rough idea as to what the audience truly wanted.

Team and Role

So, what exactly did I do throughout this project? Good question, not a whole lot to be honest, the brief was short and simple, BOOST didn’t want anything from the students other than a limited edition can, so I figured lets hit the ground running, make a design and ship it off to HQ, it gave me more time to focus primarily on the design aspect rather than having to add the nitty gritty details, you know, the things no one really wants to see nor care about.

I did this myself, as this technically was a competition, it’s not like your going to stop halfway through a 100m sprint and help the other guy across the finish line just so he feels better about himself. So, what did I do? I did some quick sketches, brainstorming different ideas and inspiration from trusty old Google and other means and did some rough spider diagrams about the targeted audience and what they might like to see on the can, simple stuff really.

Design Process

When creating my design, I wanted to stay true to the routes of Boost, I wanted something energetic, engaging, creative, dynamic, something that would take you away from other brands on the shelves. I wanted to create something that would catch your eye when walking down an aisle in your local supermarket or shop, with doing this I also wanted to stay true to the 15th Anniversary.


Looking back on the actual design I feel it can resonate with the Northern Irish audience in many ways, with it's bright colours, attractive looks and it could also relate to upcoming sporting events such as the World Cup, as the crest looks Roman related, making it look much more iconic and charitable. I asked family members and close friends about what they thought of my design and they were immediately excited and engaged with the good use of colours and how everything was laid out within the can itself. I feel this was a real challenging, yet exciting experience and I was exceptionally pleased with the outcome of the design.

What would I do differently? Make it more engaging, yet minimal, I wanted to make something that grasps the target audiences' attention, Boost are known for there colour scheme, so keeping in sync with that, I'd make a design that truly related to Northern Ireland with it's great coastal views and beautiful landmarks. I was happy with the outcome and felt it was something I could look back on and resonate with in my more experienced designer years.

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