Elemental — Immersive app design

Creative Direction
App Design
IXD Module

This project primarily focused on creating a website / app that targeted either a younger audience or undergraduate audience regarding the periodic table and creating the best possible layout / format that we could come up with for whoever we decided to pick.

User and Audience

A different kind of person, different kind of needs. This person might want the atomic weight (in fact they might need it).Stress that the different personas will lead to different outcomes and that before we begin to design something we need to think about who is using it and what their needs are. These were all different scenarios to consider when looking at undergraduate students for this particular project, I wanted to create something that they could relate with and understand easily whilst being able to quickly gather the information they needed.

Team and Role

Flying solo during this project, a great learning curve for me since starting the course, I wanted to show off my skills and show my peers what I was capable of. I wanted to be able to create something unique.

Design Process

In terms of initial ideas I began focusing my attention on the layout of the overall app, how the user would flow through the app and who exactly I was targeting in order to create the best possible outcome, I focused primarily on colour scheme, typefaces, specific content and also about gathering feedback from people I knew that actually went to University to study Science. I felt this would be a good process to go with so that way I can get as much information as possible and create something that will actually help students rather than it just looking nice.


Overall I was quite pleased with the outcome of the project, I felt it was quite professional through good use of colours and type, it was easy to read and quite minimalistic, straight to the point also. Looking back at the work I provided I feel that a few minor tweaks could’ve been made to the overall layout and design for the project, however I am thoroughly pleased with the outcome.

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