Sherlock Holmes— responsive website design

Creative Direction
Website Design
IXD Module

The Sherlock Holmes project consisted of an immersive website using pre-written content. The goal for this particular project is to challenge us to create a narrative around the content provided in order to create a product that is based around design and storylines. This is definitely an interesting project and feel that you can really show off your true colours and expand your horizons.

I wanted to step out of my comfort zone for this particular case study, I knew the majority of my peers would have went down an old victorian era design scheme since the history of Sherlock Holmes was based around that time.

I decided to create a modern, yet minimal typographic immersive website, which included all the necessities in order to tell the story from the outset and throughout.

User and Audience

With thorough research I took it upon myself to further explore the initial target audience, who would be looking at this website? What might they want to see? How can I make it immersive for the user so that way they can actually grasp what's going on in the story? These are key questions I took into consideration in order to produce the best possible outcome for the client.

Team and Role

Throughout this particular project we have been merely working on our own. Individual pieces from start to finish. I find that for this particular project it's good to be working alone, I with the direction I have headed I feel a lot of my peers would tend to steer away from, I want to create something unique and modern, whilst still telling an immersive story through typograpgy.

Design Process

The design process began with research, always research, I want to see what the user wants, what the user needs and what would interest them. An example I like to use is Pinterest, I can gain a lot of resources and inspiration from browsing, to get a rough idea as to what exactly is 'new' and 'trendy', so it's similar in the sense that the younger generation might want to see something a little more modern, rather than going back to the Victorian Era which consisted of dark, dull and unfulfilling colours, hopes and dreams. I furthered my work by creating some ideation sketches, mock-ups,  then finally picked my favourite mockup and developed it.


Overall I was quite pleased with the final design, I thoroughly enjoyed the module from start to finish. Looking back I could have added some more illustrations of my own to give it a more dynamic look and feel in order to give it a sense of Sherlock Holmes, making it more immersive and engaging for the targeted audience.

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